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4 Reasons To Go Vegan in 2016


4 Reasons To Go Vegan

4 Reasons to Go Vegan in 2016:

Ever since I was a child, I had been a dedicated vegetarian. It happened on a day like any other: I just curiously asked my mom what that meat dish on my plate was. Where it came from and what people did to that animal in order for me to consume it. Listening to the honest answers to my questions was enough horror to make me stop eating any and all animal flesh at the age of 5. It has coined me until this day and I have never looked back one.

But soon enough it became clear that I was still partaking in animal cruelty and that my health could be a lot better. Throughout my teenage years, I developed a nice muffin top, got out of shape and in front of a screen whenever possible. My love for the internet (and the animals) helped me find out about what was happening in the dairy and egg industry – something I couldn’t get out of my mind again for the love of all the chocolate desserts in the world.

Almost instantly I took a leap of faith and went on a fully plant-based diet. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do, but I was determined and kept on trying to cut out every single animal-based ingredient. After a few months, even the vegan cheeses and cookies became less interesting to me because I gained a much deeper connection with my body and therefore insight into what made me thrive.

So I decided to shift my way of eating towards fresh, whole foods with minimal ingredients and a maximum amount of nutrition. I ended up choosing a high raw vegan diet during spring and summer, then shifting towards grounding and warming soups, stews and roasts for the rest of the year.

This way of eating and finding my own balance in the midst of the diet jungle was so crucial to me in order to reap all of the amazing benefits I can now enjoy. Flash forward 4 years and this is what I can tell you has changed:


  • Weight Loss


Yeah, I know it’s a biggie for many of us. Eating a plant-based diet automatically helps you shed the pounds because you increase the amount of fiber while decreasing the caloric density – meaning you can eat big portions of fruits, veggies, whole grains, seeds, and legumes but still consume less calories than you would on an animal-based diet. Adding them into your diet will nourish your body on a cellular level, leading to less cravings, better hydration and as a side effect: weight loss.



  • Improved Fitness


Despite the common belief that vegan diets make people weak and tired, I actually improved my game. Getting more than enough protein from plant-based milk, legumes, whole grains, beans, and vegetables wasn’t hard at all! Plus, I always keep my body in an alkaline state that way, since I avoid acidic animal protein. All these nutrient-dense plant foods help your cells recover much faster, while feeling light and energetic throughout the day. Especially eating lots of fruit and starch makes you want to move around all the time because you’re fueled up with glucose!



  • Healthy Glow


Filling my body with wonderful, clean nutrients doesn’t just help me to avoid chronic and deadly diseases – these little helpers primarily found in fruits and vegetables also make the body become firmer, tighter and glowing. No more thin brittle hair, dry skin or acne! This saved me so much worrying and money on beauty products. Finally, my body got the chance to detox, helping me lose my former puffiness and most of my cellulite. On top of that, my hair loss stopped and today, my hair looks and feels quite silky.



  • Better Immunity


Quite a lot of people in my own family suffer from awful diseases, so I am aware of the fact that I might have some genetic disposition. Naturally, I do what I can to prevent this from happening. Cutting out all animal products (and most refined products!) is a huge step away from heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and obesity. This also means I don’t consume any unnatural growth hormones anymore, which lowers my risk of getting cancer dramatically. On top of that, I’ve barely gotten sick over the past years since all of these phytonutrients support my immune system perfectly.


About the Author

Alena From nutriciously

Alena is a food lover and health enthusiast from Germany who spends most of her time studying, writing, playing and meditating. Having read every book imaginable on healthy living, she is excited about spreading this powerful message and reaching out. When she’s not in the kitchen creating awesome meals, she likes to travel, make music or enjoy the world outside. Together with her partner, she created nutriciously where she loves to help other people to thrive on a healthy plant-based, whole food diet full of raw foods and constantly puts out new content. You can check out their free course on transitioning to a high raw food diet, get the free recipe ebook and follow them on social media via Facebook, Pinterest, GooglePlus or Twitter.



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