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8″ Green Earth Frying Pan Review

Like I’ve said for previous reviews, I don’t do reviews for just free products and give the company a good biased review. I want to give my honest review in order to give you a clear understanding of the product from a third-party. With that being said, let’s get the review started. 😀

Green Earth Frying Pan


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I have had the Green Earth Frying Pan now for about a month. The reason why I have waited to post the review is that I wanted to get many uses out of it and see how well it holds up with my vigorous cooking lifestyle. Overall, I love this pan. The nonstick coating is great and very easy to clean and the rubber handle is comfortable and useful. I also really love the color. I wish all my pans were this color. 

The Green Earth Frying Pan is made by the company Ozeri. They started as the people who furnished vacation homes, condos, and resorts. However, they are making shifts to the consumer marketplace now. They are providing goods for the home, kitchen, kitchen, bathroom, bartending, and fitness. Knowing that they are providing goods that are meant to last for the vacation homes and condos, I have hopes for their consumer goods. 

If you want to purchase one of your own, click here. 

Recipe using the pan: Salted Caramel Sauce



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