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Vitamix S30 Review

The Vitamix S30 is the first personal blender made by Vitamix. Vitamix has years of success from their line of blenders that are commercially ready for your home or business, but with the Vitamix S30 they are bringing down the scale to make it portable. This will be an ongoing review. Feel free to stop by again to see if any updates are there. I will also be linking all of my future recipes at the bottom of this page. 



I wanted to do a visual review, but also a written review. The visual review just goes over the specs and basics, however the written review will be my review after one week of use. Here’s the video review of my first few uses with the Vitamix S30. I share a simple recipe for a smoothie that uses frozen bananas and show how the Vitamix can be used as a food processor. I do have plans on making more recipe videos with the blender in the future. 

More Review Notes, that weren’t featured in the Video: 

  • The price tag is a bit high for me at $400, however it does have many uses and can take the place of many different kitchen appliances. This means that you spend less money on multiple items and just spend more on one item. For a person who is very limited on space this is a great feature for me. 
  • Space is key. Apartment/Dorm style living gets hard for people who like to cook, especially me who needs appliances. The Vitamix takes up the space of a normal blender, which is surprising considering how much power it has. 
  • Cleaning is easy if you are doing it by hand. I would just take some warm water and a couple drops of dish soap, and then place back on the blender for about 15 seconds. Rinsing is easy and I use the suds as my soap to clean my other dishes.
  • While I visited a Vegetarian Festival that Vitamix was set up at, I was talking to one of the representatives about the S30. She told me something that hadn’t even crossed my mind. The 20 oz blender is also the thermos that you carry around with you. You have a chance of dropping it or damaging it because you are carrying it with you. While the 20 oz blender isn’t necessary, it is really convenient. I don’t carry my 20 oz bottle around for now, but I did go to the Vitamix website to see how much it would be to replace the 20 blender/bottle. I am happy to say that it isn’t astronomical. Each 20 oz blender and top is only $30. So if you wanted to get extra bottles for other members of your family or household, it wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. 



Recipes using Vitamix S30: 

Mint Oreo Truffles 

Vegan Eggnog

Pina Colada Smoothie

Fruit Tea

Chocolate Hazelnut Milk


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