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LIQS Cocktail Shots Review

When I announced my temporary location change to Boston on my social media outlets, Boston local companies began to approach me about reviewing their products. Like I’ve said for previous reviews, I don’t do reviews for just free products and give the company a good biased review. I want to give my honest review in order to give you a clear understanding of the product from a third-party. With that being said, let’s get the review started. 😀

LIQS Cocktail Shot



LIQS Cocktail Shots:

This is what they claim to be: “the world’s first premium ready-to-drink “Cocktail Shot” brand, recently launched in Massachusetts. LIQS are a ready-to-drink hybrid between a bartender-quality cocktail with the portability of a shot sealed in a high quality plastic shot glass”  

I found them a professional company with fun and innovative packaging. The bright colors on the outside attract your eyes and intrigue your taste buds on what’s inside. I love the idea that the party is portable. You don’t have to bring separate containers for chasers or additives. They are also flight ready. I am not advising getting drunk on the plan, but bringing one or two to relax in style isn’t a bad idea. 

The cost for these shots may seem a bit high. They are $7.99 for 3 shots, but I think you are paying for quality in this case. You see at the front of the liquor store little bottles of straight liquor for $1-2, but again that is straight liquor. You don’t need a chaser or any other purchases. You also don’t get the high number of congeners in these higher quality drinks (congeners are one of the causes of hangovers). 

LIQS with fruit

 I did have the privilege of trying all four of their flavors, so I am going to break down my opinion on all of them. 

Tequila | Cinnamon | Orange ★★★★★

Aroma: Sweet with a hint of citrus and a small burn of tequila. 

Color: Amber

Flavor: Starts with the acidity of the cuts and ends with the slight heat from the cinnamon

Overall Opinion: By far this one was my favorite. I am a tequila fan, but I really enjoyed the flavor profile that this shot had. The tequila had no burn going down and was a very smooth drink. I’m going to give this one 5/5.  I would go back for this one. 

Vodka | Lychee | Grapefruit ★★★

Aroma: The lychee adds an unusual/uncommon smell to this drink and there is only a hint of grapefruit

Color: Pink (Resemble Pink Lemonade)

Flavor: The bitterness of the grapefruit is the first flavor and then ends with the curious and sweet flavor of the lychee

Overall Opinion: As a shot, it is a very smooth drink, but the flavor may not be my cup of tea. I think the mix of grapefruit and lychee can be great, but just needs a bit of tweaking. I’m going to give this shot 3/5.

Vodka | Kamikaze ★★★★

Aroma: Citrus and Sweet. Reminds me of margarita mix. 

Color: Hazy Clear

Flavor: Taste like a Kamikaze should always taste with triple sec and lime juice. 

Overall Opinion: This one was the only that had a slight burn to it, but that didn’t take away from the overall shot. I really enjoyed the flavor combination and the aftertaste. I would buy this one again. I’m going to give this shot 4/5. 

Vodka | Cucumber | Lime ★★★★

Aroma: Fresh cucumber and light citrus 

Color: Lime Green

Flavor: This was a very refreshing drink. I feel like this would be a great summer or spa shot. 

Overall Opinion: This one was surprisingly good. I’m always hesitant with the flavor of cucumber if I actually can’t see the fresh cucumber. Overall I liked this one. I would love to add some fresh mint to it and make it into a mojito shot. I am going to give this shot 4/5. 


I hope you guys enjoyed this review for LIQS Cocktail Shots. If you want to know where you can buy some, check out http://www.liqsshot.com to find out.

Let me know what you think your favorite one would be in the comments below. 

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