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The Poison Apple Martini | Halloween Cocktail

Everyone needs a good drink every once in a while, especially for Halloween. Of course to drink this Poison Apple Martini, you need to be of legal drinking age. Feel free to switch up the ratio for this Halloween Cocktail, or maybe just have a caramel apple martini, but cutting out the grenadine. The Poison Apple Martini is very sweet, so stay away from it if you don’t have a sweet tooth. I hope you enjoy this recipe and don’t forget to share this recipe with all your friends. If you have recipe you would like to see me make, let me know in the comments below. Let me know of what you think of this recipe on via twitter or instagram(@vegetarianbaker & #thevegetarianbaker)

The Poison Apple Martini | Halloween Cocktail

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Poison Apple Martini
Serves 1
A Fun and easy Halloween Cocktail
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  1. 2-3 Oz of Green Apple Vodka or Liqueur
  2. 1 oz of Grenadine
  3. 1/2 oz of Butterscotch Schnapps
  1. Pour Grenadine in the bottom of a martini glass.
  2. Pour Butterscotch Schnapps over the top using the back of the spoon.
  3. Top with the Green Apple Liqueur using the back of the spoon.
Adapted from Recipe Video Link
Adapted from Recipe Video Link
Vegetarian Baker https://vegetarianbaker.com/
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